Global Network

  • EAC cable system and C2C cable system are into a single EAC-C2C cable system, spanning 36,800Km between
    Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines and Singapore, connecting 17 cable landing stations.
  • EAC-C2C cable system becomes the most resilient submarine network in Asia region.
  • EAC-Unity cable system is spanning 10,000km between Japan and US. It is connected US west Network POP.
Global Network

East Asia Crossing

East Asia Crossing
  • EAC Cable Distance


  • EAC Landing Station

    Korea, Japan, China,
    Hong Kong, Taiwan,
    Singapore, Philippine

  • EAC Capacity

    over 32 Tbps

EAC – C2C Interconnection

EAC – C2C Interconnection

RNAL Cable

RNAL Cable
FNAL Service start in 2002 Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong 1.92Tbps / 580Gbps 9,778KM FNAL/RNAL is same cable, but setup different equipment.
RNAL 1.92Tbps / 580Gbps

EAC Cable Feature

Upgrade New Equipment
  • New transmission operation system
Network Survivability
  • APS(Auto Protection Switching)
  • Full mesh protected cable
EAC, C2C, RNAL Backup
  • Rapidity of Emergency backup system
  • Backup system in Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan
Operation ANOC
  • 24*365 operation
  • Central control for O&M and Emergency recover
  • Dual NOC of Singapore, Australia
GSD : Global Service Desk
  • 24*365 Operation
  • 5 language support